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December 16, 2011
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Littering in ponds, streets, and highways has trashed our community, and is polluting the air we breathe. I have picked up polluting items in my community and helped our community one more step to be even cleaner. Our streets, ponds, and highways have been dirtier than they have ever been. People don’t understand that when they litter, they’re just hurting themselves by polluting the air.

So to help out the community I went out with my Girl Scout troop and picked up all the trash along the side of our school and the elementary school. Also, in that day we planted plants into pots to be greener at our schools. In our community people need to understand that picking up just one piece of trash can help our environment one step at a time.

Another activity I did with my Girl Scout troop was picking up items around the ponds by our houses. Many people that go for walks bring plastic water bottles and then throw them into the ponds without thinking it would hurt anyone. But it does, it hurts not just us but the wildlife that lives in these ponds. So, we got together as a troop and picked up most of the trash that buried the pond.

These tasks are very simple and just picking up one piece of trash can help your community. So, get some friends together and help clean our community one step at a time. Remember, that your just polluting your life in the future if you litter now

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