Why you should not press the send button.

December 6, 2011
By Darlajmo BRONZE, Manila, Other
Darlajmo BRONZE, Manila, Other
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Asdfghjkl. You type random letters then delete them. Afterwards, you start to create sentences that will best describe your jumbled thoughts and your confused emotions. Is it best to press send?

At this rate, it is not best to press send. You're feeling a little anxious. You have no idea what to do. Again, it is not best to press send.

This time you breathe a little deeper and you convince yourself that your thoughts aren't as jumbled as a jigsaw puzzle broken into pieces. That's right, you have got it all in perfect control.

So you start typing " I think .. " then your finger starts to search for the delete button. You start to scream Hallelujah! in your head because you were given another minute to think it over.

Then you find yourself typing again " I think we should end this?" you end the supposed statement with a question mark instead of a period because you are not even convinced with the sentence you just made.

You breathe again and no, you're not drunk. You now change your question mark into a period and you wait for a response.

Memories start to fill your mind. From good ones to bad ones. Then you start to doubt yourself. Where does this all lead to anyway?

A minute later you receive a call instead of a response through text or instant message or even e-mail. Does the voice sound a little shaky? a little sad? a little confused?

You caused of all the shakiness, sadness and doubt not matter how little it seems like through the person's voice. Congratulations, you just broke someones heart.

So before you decide anything life altering make sure you're not full of anger and high on unstable emotions. Chances are high on unstable emotions only make things worse. So do not even bother pressing the send button.

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