Everyone Likes Bacon

December 5, 2011
If you were to look up the biggest animal loving, generous, smart, funny and talented person, in the WORLD…you would be out of luck. But Ashley Johnson’s picture wouldn’t be too far away. If you were to Google “book worm” her picture would fill the screen. Ashley always thinks of other people even when she’s down herself. If a knew student came to school, and didn’t know where their next class was, she would find their class for them. Then, she would even offer them a tour after school. Yet, she would have to fill out a detention pass. Only because her foot wasn’t pass the old, rugged duct-tape line, placed on the floor, on time. This would indicate she was inside the classroom. Ashley’s grades were never below a “B”. She couldn’t fail a test if she wanted to. So why would this gibberish speaking, energetic, 13 year old, be in detention? Did she save a family of ducks from the Gulf of Mexico, and was late for class? Maybe she helped raise a million dollars for the baby shark foundation, and forgot to fill out a pass? Those things are a little dramatic, but anything is possible with Ashley .J. on the case! Reading during class, is the only way to get her in trouble.

In the morning, during first period science, I arrived early. I would see Ashley’s bright blue, glistening eyes shoot through the window of the classroom. Then, the long blonde ends of her, streaked, highlighted, hair emerged through the door. Finally, she cautiously walked into the room, as if not to be seen. We lock eyes. “Ashley, what are you doing?” “I’m sorry did you address me? I don’t speak English.” She proudly said. “Oh…so that’s why your speaking English? Because you don’t speak English?” “Jfenonnv noventyil” “Ok Ashley.” I said giving up hope, that we might have a normal conversation. Usually when she says something to me, I have to figure out what it means. Fathoming her metaphors and phrases only takes about a million years. She continues to speak twaddle and I collect my thoughts. “You understand the word BACON right?” Ashley’s mouth dropped in awe. I knew I hit the million dollar jackpot!

“Of course I love bacon!” Ashley said, realizing she’d made a mistake. “AW-Hah!” I said. Most people think Ashley is a weirdo, and its true. But- she is the most normal weirdo ever! Ashley has ADHD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, that sometimes affects her activities, or reactions. Some people may think that people with ADHD, aren’t smart. That is a huge misconception of ADHD. Ashley has read the Twilight Saga in only three days! There are probably only three books in the world Ashley hasn’t read. Her grades are outstanding better than most! She is the most intelligent girl, I have ever known.

On the last day of school, Ashley stayed the night at my house. Our summer would be the gloomiest if we wouldn’t be able to see each other ever again. We were jumping out of our skin by the end of the day. We rushed to my moms car the split second, the agonizing bell rang. When we arrived to my house we noticed something odd. We didn’t have our back packs! My mom, as calmly as she could, drove us all the way back to Douglas Hills Jr. High. Ashley quickly grabbed her 3 ringed binder, pencil case and notebook, and slipped them into her, barely visible, WHITE messenger bag, covered in signatures from her friends. I on the other hand, shoved huge clumps of loose paper, assignments, and ripped out book pages, into my bulky backpack. We ran back to the car, and my mom started to drive to our house. Ashley started to ramble on about how excited she was and what she thought we should do for the weekend. “ What are we having for dinner-if you don’t mind me asking…” Ashley politely said. “Hmm what would you like Ashley?” my mom responded. “BACON!” “Bacon? For dinner?” “ Yeah, I love bacon! Everyone likes bacon!” from that moment on, I was sure Ashley was my best friend in the world. No matter how weird people thought she was, she always had a smile on her face, and a mouth full of bacon.

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