My mum

November 9, 2011
By Sarah01 BRONZE, Krásná Lípa, Colorado
Sarah01 BRONZE, Krásná Lípa, Colorado
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Dear reader,

welcome and I hope that you will enjoy reading this article. Frankly, I have to admit that I'm not from English speaking country - so, I know my ,,work,, will be maybe full of mistakes, but I decidet to give this a shot and I would be greatfull for every kind of respons :).

My life is interesting.. yeah, sometimes I speak giberish saying that I hate it but truth is : I can't imagine to have another persons life. At the end which poor guy would get mine ? I feel sorry for him even when I think about it. For example my mum - who would handle this ? She is like crazys person you could know. She is sometimes teaching at the medschool and ,,onec opon a time,, she come home soo happy. Me and my sister asked her what happend and she said that whole class was laughing with her, because she comepre her self to ,,Bad teacher,, ( you know, movie with C.Diaz ), but she wants them to be like in a second part ( where class was actually learning ). She was satisfied with her self, but I have to tell you - it was so annoying coz she was repeting this story like thousend times ! Onec I run out of my nerves and replay to her ,,Well mum, where you considering fact that they did not laught with you, but to you ??'' Trust me if you would see her face - that expresion was priceless. But I have to say I love my mum..

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