scared of dogs

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

When I was younger I always had a belief that most dogs were mean or aggressive. When I meet a dog I am always worried that it will jump on me and probably drool on me. Or even worse some dogs might try to bite me or will scratch me.
Every time I saw a dog I usually ran away from it because I was scared. My neighbor had dog. Every time I saw that dog I usually ran to my dad. I was frightened and I always dreamed that dogs would attack and try to bite me. That’s why I am afraid of dogs, because when I was younger, I got nervous when I saw a dog.
So if I see the dog I now think that there mean and they might try to scratch me or bite me till I am bleeding also, when I am walking I’m afraid that some dogs will jump a fence or run out of the house and chase me. Also, I get sacred which in why I don’t bother dogs, because if I do they might get angry or something like barking or chase me or bite me or even worse.
After a couple of years, I started to think that some dogs are friendly and happy also I began to think that sometimes dogs sometimes drool or may try to scratch that’s what I am worried about.
Right now I use to believe that dogs are mean and aggressive to people that they don’t know Since one of my cousins had dog, I realized it was nice and friendly and fun to play with.

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