Good Weekend

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I had a good time this weekend. We had a game on Friday. We did well against them but they are a really good team, ranked at 21st in the state and they are 9-1 in winnings. The final score was 32-0 but we played good overall. I had a real nice Hit on a kid on a pass play, almost knocked him out. His helmet came off too. After the game I went home to find out that my grandpa was back in the hospital. He just got done with a stomach cancer surgery a month ago and now he had to go back and get his gallbladder taken out. I went to see him on Saturday then I had to go to work on building something for NAS in my dads shop. After that I went deer hunting. I didn’t see anything because it was to windy and there was a full moon. Sunday I worked again all day. Altogether it was a pretty good weekend.

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