October 10, 2011
By ashley flowers BRONZE, Lincolnton, North Carolina
ashley flowers BRONZE, Lincolnton, North Carolina
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I woke up at six a clock on the dot like I do every other suckish day of my life. I go to the bathroom brush my teeth and put on school clothes. I can already tell its gonna be a bad day, because it’s raining outside. I put on my make up hoping it will turn out half way pretty. And of course it don’t, turns out looking like crap, like it does 99.9% of the time. So I lay back down waiting for mom to come and take me to school.

We finally get there. I sit with my friend zeidy in the cafeteria. Oh yea and with my friend Mandy. In one ear I got Mandy talking about something off the wall. (Like always) then I got zeidy in the other ear singing to me. Then my boy get here and I go sit with him and his friend Will, for about five minutes until the bell rings for first.

First period of the day is civics. I make my way to the back of the room, trying no to be seen. All seven girls sit on one side and the boys take up the rest of the class. Except for this one girl named Katie who is a big flirt anyways. So it kind of obvious she is gonna sit on that side of the room. Anyways the teacher tells us he is going to ask us questions about what we have learned. And of course he is calls on me first (knowing that I wasn’t here yesterday). Like always I didn’t know it, so I start saying junk. Then Kelsey turns around telling me the right answer (so I wouldn’t looks so stupid if front of the class). Before I know it the bell rings for second.

My second period is English 2. I sit with Kelsey and we are talking about guys. (one of the best qualities I’m good at). Then walks in Mrs. MCcabe been cheerful and bubbly as usual. Oh yea how can I for got about cookie he is wearing a shirt that has a big picture of the cookie monster on it, that says the notorious cookie. And there’s Vic, who is wearing more pink that I’ve ever seen someone wear in my whole life. She tells us to get out books and read. I read about two pages then I stare in to space. After we get done reading she tells us to get with our partners and talk about anything we wanna talk about. My partner is Taylor. We start talking about permits. (Blah... that’s boring). I got to say time fly’s by in that class.

Time for geometry. I try to pay attention in that class, but it’s kind of hard when I got jay always blowing me kisses, telling me that he loves me, and staring at me. (That’s one thing that I hate is when someone stare at me.) So I try not to look over there to much. I keeping eye balling the bored and clock. Thinking in my head break couldn’t start soon enough.

Finally break is here. I’m standing and the beginning of the new science hall and at the end of the old science hall. I’m standing with Matt and Desiree. We are talking about people we don’t like and people who don’t like us. Honestly I could careless who likes me or not.

Its time for physical science the most STUPIDEST class ever. We take a few notes, then Mr. scronce talks forever, so I lay my head down, hoping he would shut up for at least a minute to take in a breath. Finally he is done talking, and he hands out a work sheet , knowing good and well I don’t know how to do it. I do the top half and leave the rest blank. Wishing the bell would hurry up and ring already. Then the bell rings and school is over for the day.

As I make my way outside it’s still raining. My sister and I are waiting for my mom to come pick us up. She finally arrives; we walk fast trying not to get wet from the rain. As I enter the car I am suffocated from the smell of the cigarettes. Eventually I get use to it. I put in my headphones because me and my mom have different taste in music. Before I know it we are at the doctors. As I enter I can smell the smell of rubber gloves. We go sit I in the waiting area. My sister and I are joking around at first. Then they call me back. We sit in the room forever. (Honestly I like the wait). The doctor comes in and asks if I have any questions my heart drops to my stomach and I began to cry. She asks if I’m okay and then she hands me a tissue. She walks out and the nurse enters as she is leaving. As she is getting the shots ready, she asks if want it

in my arm or my hip.(by the way one of my biggest fears is needles). I was so busy crying I just shrugged. So she said you would be more comfortable in your arm. She says it won’t hurt. So I try not to think about it as I am staring at the ceiling. She squeezes my arm and I can feel the medicine stuff going threw my arm, so I began to try even harder then before. She sticks on a band* aid and she says all done. I’m thinking it’s about time. It felt like a bee sting, but just the fact it was a needle it hurt 200 times more. She sees me crying me eye balls out, and she don’t give me no prize no pretty band* aid or nothing. Ugh! So I know for a fact I am never going to the doctors again. But there is one thing I have learned from this, is that doctor can’t kill me only make me and better.

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