The Decision

September 30, 2011
By BeckaLynn27 BRONZE, Mayslick, Kentucky
BeckaLynn27 BRONZE, Mayslick, Kentucky
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Why me? I thought as I’m trying to process what I had just heard.

“Move, to Florance?” “ NO! im not doing it.” I said to myself with a low but sturn voice.

This can’t be happening to me. I layed on my bed for hours trying to deside whether I was going to cry or become even more enraged. So I finally got up enough courage to call the one person I knew I could vent my feelings out to. As the phone rang I was seaching for the words to say as a shallow tear fell from my eyes, but yet there was no answer.

I through my phone against my bed, and tears started to poor down my face like the Niagra Falls. Then I suddenly realized what this little down means to me. This town, these people have made me who I am, I can’t imagine being any where but right here.

The decision is yet to still be made, whether I am staying where I belong or moving to a place I do not wish to know. All I have left is hope, and I pray that a desion will come soon. Even though I may be going though it alone I still have faith, faith that I wont have to go anywhere no matter what it takes. This is my home, this is my life.

The author's comments:
this is a real event happening this very moment

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