The Visit

August 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I were sitting there in the freezing cold room, in the most uncomfortable chair I'd ever sat in, in my life. "I really missed you." " I bet you did." "Well I love you..............don't you love me back?" "I guess."

Arkansas Medium Security Penitentary, that's what the sign read out front. We were sitting in the waiting room, filling out paper work that was required to visit inmates. As i looked around the room i saw two other families waiting just like ours. There were snack machines lined up against the back wall of the room, which was probably about the size of my bedroom at home. suddenly a mans voice called out "Blake" and my nana, papaw, brother, sister, aunt, cousin, and i all rose and walked out of the waiting room.

"Everyone please take off your shoes, jewlery, and anything you have on you that is metal and place it in these boxes." Uncomfotabally i removed my shoes, placed them in the box, and placed my bare feet on the cold tile floor. "

Ok now everyonewalk one at a time through the metal detector." Everyone walked through, and then it got to me. Beep, the metal detector went off as i went through. All of the sudden i got really nervous and began to tense up. "

Please come with me." a female guard said. She led me to a room that was about the size of a closet, with a curtain on it. I walked into the room and she closed the curtain. She took out the wand and ran it down the front side of my body, nothing happened. " Turn please." Then she ran it down the back sie of my body, and again nothing happened, just as I expected." Your all good." she said.

Rrrrr, the buzzer on the door went off and it slid open. "ok follow me."

the dark complected handsome male guard said in a deep voice. We walked outside into a fenced in area, where the guard led us to a seperate building. Rrrrrr, the door went off there too. There were rows and rows of chairs in this building, and cameras too. A new guard growled "Sit anywhere you want, but all the adults need to be on the right." We sat and waited for Dad to come out.

He staggered out of the door in his khacky uniform, boots, and clean shaved face. " Daddy." my sister ran up to him and jumped in his arms. " Hey" he looked at me and said with a halfway smile. With just that look i burst into tears. I hadnt seen my dad in over nine months, and i was still mad at him for me when he wasnt in prison. I just sat there with my arms crossed across my chest and let the tears flow down my face. He went and hugged each person in our family that was setting in the row of chairs, except me. I refused to let him hug me. "I really missed you." he said. " Yea I bet you did." i replied in a smart tone. "Well I love you............dont you love me back?" "I guess." I said unsure. For the rest of the visit I sat there while Dad talked to everyone else. When the guard yelled " Times up." we all stood up and this time i actually hugged him, but only beacause I knew it was goodbye and that I knew that i wouldnt see him again for awhile.

My dad isnt the best person in the world, and isnt the best father either, but just like every human he's made mistakes through his life. Of course, his mistakes are probabally bigger than peoples, but like i said, he's only human. I dont really get along with my dad, but I still love him deep down. I was glad I could visit him in Arkansas, even if i didnt show it.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because of a particular visit i had with someone in my family, that was very important to me. i hope you really enjoy this story and that maybe in some way it can help someone or that they can relate to it.

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