That's My Bonita

August 4, 2011
One of my most vivid memories is of coming back from Disney Land. As we drive back from Disney, we stop at the red light in front of the ampm while people race by us going straight and head in horse country. Where there are little run down houses with run down ranches attached to them. Some houses are for sale and some that aren’t even finished building yet. Sometimes there would be huge ranches where people boarded their horses. There were some ranches that gave trail rides and lessons and some that were private. I would reminiscence the times when I used to horse ride and whenever I would get on a horse ever again.

Anyways, the stoplight turns green and we turn right heading home. We follow the curved and semi just paved road and turn onto my neighborhood street. Passing medium sized two story houses that are in a quiet neighborhood mainly filled with old people. As we start to drive up a hill, I would turn onto the street I lived in and stop in front of the grey house which I call home. With a sprawling tropical back yard with its own little sand beach in it. If you look over the fence you can see most of Bonita with its golf course that has frost on it in the morning when it’s really cold. Then you can see all the other houses scattered on the hills which all had their different personalities. Some had friends that lived in them and other ones had old people living in them.

I’ve always escaped my hometown with my imagination or my occasional trips to Anaheim to visit family and go to Disney Land. But that’s as far as I usually ever go, nothing more. I want to see the world and experience the city or go to an imaginative place like Disney Land. It’s good to escape from harsh realities of life and wind down and relax. It’s a nice escape from the heavy work load of school and the nights when I burn the midnight oil. But Bonita always seems to have a grip on me. There is always a reason why we’ve lived in the same house, same street, and same neighborhood for ten years. I guess Bonita has the humility, reality, and cohesiveness that Disney Land doesn’t.

Even when Disney Land excited me most, there are new things to see, even when home seems pretty boring, Disney Land doesn’t feel like home at all even though it’s the “happiest place on Earth”. Disney Land is still relaxing and brings back childhood memories that I probably wouldn’t have remembered until I saw something there that had a connection to it. Those memories make me long for my childhood when I had nothing to worry about. Also, most of the things are made for toddlers which tends to make me feel disconnected from Disney Land sometimes. I sometimes wish to be close to it but I guess that means I’m too old to be a child again.

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