A day with your friends

August 4, 2011
Have you ever been to and old factory that has been turned into a skate park? Your answer is probably no right. Well if your answer is yes, then you must have friends like mine. It also means you understand the crazy things we end up doing together. You probably have been in the same sticky situation's as us too.
My name is Rhiannon, but my friends call me Twix. I have a cousin named Brooke who goes by Smexy, she is one of the insane friends I have. Then to end our little group are our boy friends. Her boy friends name is Twitch, My boy friend is Twitch's best friend Jacob.
If you catch us all apart and no where near each other you wouldn't think we were weird, but if you see us all together... well I guess you can kind of get the picture. We have went from going swimming to flying down dirt roads, to running down mountain's, then going to eat... then from eating to jumping from roof to roof... The list could be endless but we have all just really started hanging out all the time. Only reason I asked if you have ever done any thing crazy with your friends is because you will never know when those memories may come in handy.

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