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May 5, 2011
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Well this isn't really poetry, more like a blog.
I am in this cliche' teen predicament, i am in love... go figure, with a man whom i have never met. only in my dreams. we talk all night and day, he makes me float away, he IS my knight in shinning armor, he is the shy type who will speak up eventually.

Honestly i have never cried more in a relationship, and all the while i love it!! i love that he is the only guy there is that could make me cry my eyes out and love him more and more as I'm doing it. i love that he doesn't just want one thing from me.... he loves all of me. and i love that he makes my heart go crazy with just one thought of him!! i also love that i miss him and feel like there is something so obscure about my day when i do not talk to him.... he is the yin to my yang, he is my balance, and i love hI'm.

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