June 22, 2011
Alone.....What is the definition of alone?Its having no one else present.But that definition doesn't even begin to explain the way people really feel. I'm never alone but I still feel that way.Everyone just shuts me out like I'm not even there.I don't think I belong here.I want to say something but I'm to shy,to scared,to reluctant. I'm to afraid to tell the world how I really feel. No one knows how I feel on the inside. And they never will. Do you know what its like to feel that way?Its not fun! No one understands me, but then again no one ever tries to figure me out anyway. I'm sick of feeling this way but i don't know how to stop feeling this way.I bet your saying to yourself,"It sucks to her!" Well your right.It does suck.I'm tired of everyone trying to make me feel better.They know they cant help.Lying to me everyday is only making more horrible for me!Worst part of it all is, there is no one her to save me.

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