June 14, 2011
By Pepperjack2Squid BRONZE, Saint Helens, Oregon
Pepperjack2Squid BRONZE, Saint Helens, Oregon
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I went to Avamere a lot but I never realized how beautiful it was there was a blend of amazing bright colors colliding to make a beautiful wonderland. You can hear the birds tweeting and the squirrels running on the power lines. How can he turn something that was so ugly and smelled like rotten eggs and make it just blow your breath away.

Imagine walking into a forest of greens, yellows, reds, oranges and every other color in the world in one place my grandpa’s yard. Even after he lost both his legs, he just sat in the dirt planting watering and loving his plants. Avamere is where he lived. It is an assistance living home.

Even before he moved to Avamere at his house he had a whole bunch of different plants; strawberries, raspberries, roses and a lot more. He just loved to plant.

One day I went to Avamere went to the garden and I see him sitting in his wheel chair with his head down starring at the ground. “Are you ok” I ask as I touch his shoulder.

“Its nothing sweet heart” he says as he lifts his head. Then I realize that the deer have eaten all of hid strawberries again.

“Ahh I see” I said in a sarcastic voice.

“Ya those darn deer again.” My grandpa goes inside gets soap a squirt bottle and some water. Then he puts the soap and water in the bottle and sprays it on the berries and other plants.

“What will that do” I ask

“ It’ll give the deer diarrhea” he says as he squirts.

“ Ha-ha wow grandpa”

That day I thought my grandpa was a freak, but he was actually just doing what he knows to do. I will always remember him and love him and his plants.

The author's comments:
I love my grandpa and he passed away last year and i just had to write about. I hope that my grandpa will be proud of me for writing about how funny and inspirational he was.

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