When Life Was Simple

June 5, 2011
By Griffin Dietz SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
Griffin Dietz SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
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Do you remember when the sky was blue and the grass was green and life was just that simple?
When you liked to shower in your parents’ room so you could play with your dad’s shaving cream on the shower door. All you could draw were stick figures and even those were unrecognizable, but you were happy.
Can you remember when four crayons and a piece of paper could keep you entertained for hours? You could draw a fairy dreamland or a map of heaven and everyone would tell you how great it was. You may not have been an artist, but at least you were creative.
What about when a handful of goldfish and a glass of apple juice was the highlight of your day. Nobody cared what you ate or how you ate it, and if half of the goldfish ended up in your juice because you were trying to save the fish from drying out that was okay. It may have been a futile attempt, but you were still compassionate.
Do you remember when you learned how to do a summersault? People oohed and aahed at your newfound talent and you yourself couldn’t get enough of rolling around. In your mind, a summersault was the equivalent of a gold medal. Everyone else could roll just as well as you, but you were still athletic.
Can you think of a time when a complicated puzzle consisted of 16 oversized pieces that came together to form a dinosaur? When you would slave away trying to solve this puzzle and that was the hardest problem you would face all week. And when you finally put that last piece together everyone would praise you. Those sixteen pieces took an hour to fit together, but that didn’t matter, because you were diligent.
What about when making friends was as easy as asking, “Do you want to be my friend?” When sharing a favorite color meant you did everything together and holding hands with a boy meant nothing to anyone else. When relationships didn’t involve gossip and peer pressure and competition. Making friends was easy for everyone, and that meant that everyone was popular. You had no inhibitions in going up to someone you never met because you were sure they would accept you, but nevertheless, that made you outgoing.
Do you remember when the sky was blue and the grass was green and life was just that simple? When there was no drama and no gossip and everyone was your friend. When you could occupy yourself with the most mundane of tasks, and yet you could stay cheerful for hours? When learning something new was exciting, and not just another chore? When life was enjoyable and satisfying just the way it was because you could be and do whatever you wanted? I remember these times and I want them back. Do you?

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