The Person I Aspire to Become

May 9, 2011
Today, the world is always changing and new opportunities are always becoming open. I am a junior in high school and it is coming to the time when I have to start deciding what path of life I am going to take a walk on. There are so many options it is so hard to choose. So many people tell me to do this or do that. But my mind is made up. I am going to enlist in the military when I graduate. I have had people tell me it’s stupid and I am ruining my life, I have also had people pat me on the back and tell me it is an amazing thing to do.
So many people along the way have told me it can’t be done, but I believe that if I want to achieve my life long dream of becoming a soldier I can do it. No one can change my mind no matter how hard they try. I have had friends stop talking to me; boyfriends break up with me, and family members tell me they are disappointed in me, all because of my decision to enlist in the military. It really upsets me because this is my choice and I want to be supported in all that I do, but in reality some people just don’t agree. I have had many debates with myself into the late hours of the night, and I came to the conclusion that I need to live my life for me. I can’t let other people get in the way of my dreams. They are my dreams and if you choose not to support me, that’s okay but I am going to stand up in what I believe in. I will be strong and prove to everyone that I can do it.
I have wanted to be in the military ever since I was a little girl. My parents never thought twice about it and hoped I would change my mind. Well look mom and dad I am now 16 and I still dream about the military. I want to be a helper, a lover, and a care giver. I wish to become a trauma nurse or an emergency room doctor. I love to help people and it would be an honor to say I have served in the United States military.

The person I will become is an inspiration. An inspiration to those who have been told they couldn’t or that they weren’t strong enough or smart enough, that it is possible to do whatever you aspire to do or the person you wish to become. I want to become an inspiration to all the people who think they can’t do something because everybody has told them otherwise.

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