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April 26, 2011
By Becca Raymond BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Becca Raymond BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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I feel that love is something you feel, not do.

Some people don’t believe in love, I see love and I truly know what love means.
Love means that you stay at someone’s side through the worst times in their life and feel the feelings that they feel. Love isn’t physical or sexual, it’s spiritual and emotional. Two people that are truly meant to be together accept the other person’s flaws. People should know this by what their parents tell them. Humans are one out of over a million different types of creatures, who also have the struggle of finding love.

I have a question for all the teen girls out there:
Why put forth yourself if all you get is disappointment and depression?
Do you just think like I did and say “how do you find your true love if you don’t date around with different people”? If you think you have to dress to impress, forget about it. I know from personal experiences. The only guys that act like that are the ones who act like they are too amazing to not get exactly what and who they want.

Girls today are becoming suicidal and depressed because they feel that they are not accepted by all people that they’re not good enough to live, you’re wrong! Everyone belongs somewhere, there is no judging here. Also the obese children of today are affected by these girls in magazines and television shows. Everyone has people that loves you and has strong feelings for you. There is no reason for bullying the little chubby kid, When I was little…I was that chubby kid. Now, I have a family who loves me, my boyfriend is a big part of my life, and now my life is set out to change the lives of the average American teenage girl.

Everyone will find love and everyone is loved.

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