The Lifestyle of an Honors Student

April 25, 2011
By Reesha Patel BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
Reesha Patel BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
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It is midnight on a typical Sunday, filled with hours of Facebook stalking and eventually regret; regret of not starting that 10 page essay due the next day earlier, or better yet, started working on it 4 weeks prior to date, when it was actually assigned. Finally under pressure to start, I find my hands flying towards the keyboard and before I know it, I find myself updating my Facebook status, denunciating the teacher for giving the assignment only one month in advance. Scrolling through my online friends, I let out a sigh of relief as I see almost everyone in my class still online giving me the comfort I need to wait another hour before commencing to write. A splendid start to my inevitably sleepless week. As Monday morning dreadfully rolls around, I wake up to Eminem singing his heart out to convince us listeners to make good choices and overcome every obstacle in the way, and on four hours of sleep, I concur and overcome the constant battle of sleep deprivation. Taking two tests, listening to countless lectures by monotonous teachers, giving a presentation on a country I have no interest in and writing an in class essay, all in one day without falling asleep; only a select group of remarkably motivated students can perform this feat devotedly, without crumbling into a heap of ashes. On this familiar Monday, I drove to school on an empty stomach, growling in disapproval, and as per usual, am walking through the doors into the chaotic world of adolescents, 4 minutes before school begins. I saunter straight to class with a tranquil smile, carrying my backpack filled with what feels like hundreds of pounds of burden. I look up at the familiar faces passing me, walking in a manner just as composed as my own, and . Once I get to my first period AP psychology class, I slouch in my chair, resting my head on my desk, when I notice my classmates clearing their desks. I immediately leap out of my seat in panic and find myself frantically skimming the chapter for the unit test I was about to take within a few minutes. I hope that three minutes is enough time to study and stare blankly at the test, flipping through it in distress, once again full of regret for not better managing the precious time I am given every night. Once I turn in my test I pick up my AP biology book and start reading the book I have an essay due on in 3 hours. As I skim as rapidly as my eyes and mind will allow, I pick out seemingly important quotes and describe them vividly, using eloquent language in accompaniment, in an effort to fool the teacher of how much I truly read. Amazingly enough, within 20 minutes not only have I finished my biology homework, but my honors math homework also. Only an honors student can manage time so wisely that two homework assignments and a test can be conquered within 45 minutes. For the last few minutes of class I think about the presentation I have the next period in AP French on Seychelles, a country that I have no knowledge on whatsoever but am expected to reflect brilliance on in 5 minutes. My stress level is soaring as the bell rings at what seems to be a loathsome volume on this particular day. I briskly walk to my next class and memorize notes that I find dispersed among different folders and stand up in front of the class with a comfortable posture. As I conscientiously look into the eyes of my teacher and begin my presentation, I begin speaking about vacation spots to which I have been to and connect this in the most unrelated way to my this supposedly captivating country of Seychelles. Miraculously, with a pinch of humor and confidence, my innate ability to wing presentations won over once again as the teacher smiled in unmistakably impressed approval and the class applauded with more enthusiasm than expected. Only honors students are lucky enough to possess this valuable trait that is useful on the typical night where there just isn’t enough time to prepare, but just enough time to fill your best friend in on the gossip of the day after an entire 2 hours since parting one another. Fighting quicksand from engulfing me into a pit of desperation, I continue to drowsily attend my classes and am finally hit with an in class essay on a solemn poem with unfathomable symbolism that I am compelled to analyze to the best of my ability. With my last ounce of energy I push through the essay remembering that in the end, this is a stepping stone to success in my life. With this driving motivation that most of us honor students have we push ourselves in ways that most students are unable to; staying up till 2 am and waking up 4 hours later to be engaged in the apprehension of typically new information. Honors students are one of a kind, only a remarkable group of students can put time to such good use, multitask, think on their feet, be organized without a mode of organization and have the determination to keep up this lifestyle.

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