April 17, 2011
By AutumnHunter BRONZE, Grain Valley, Missouri
AutumnHunter BRONZE, Grain Valley, Missouri
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I'm beautiful in my way, cause god makes no mistakes.

Four words i've dreading my whole life are, "We need to talk." But honestly what's worse is knowing it's coming, and waiting for it. Growing up we think we have a perfect family. Untill the day that changes everything. Being sat down at the age of twelve with your seven year old brother, being told your parents are getting a divorce are never easy, especially when you never knew it was coming. Then to find your mom is already seeing someone else makes you feel like you never knew your mom how you thought you did. It's the worst feeling ever to see the people you care about the most suffer. Seeing them fall in love with someone who only takes them for granted. Knowing your mom is suicidal but yet she stays with beast who is causing her pain. I always say your happiness is more important than anything, nothing should ever stand in the way of that. When trying to stick up for herself she just gets pushed back down. I pray every night that I hear from her the next day. That's not how family is supposed to be.

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