One of Those Days

April 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Imagery and details take an amateur story to the pros. They grasp a reader’s attention and get inside the reader’s head where they begin to paint a picture through literature. The most beautiful picture I can imagine is the scenery of the town I was raised in. The picture I have in mind was taken in the spring. There’s no wind and the sky is blue. One of those days where you could wear anything in your closet and be comfortable. These are the kind of days that lift everyone’s spirits. You see all the familiar faces on these days because everyone wants to be out enjoying the weather. I am awoken to a vibrating phone. It’s a friend who woke up before me, he has realized it’s one of those days and wants to get out and enjoy it. Waking up i can even smell how nice it is out. It just smells fresh like laundry off the clothes line. These are the rare days you can find pleasure in doing the outdoor tasks like mowing the lawn or raking the yard. I don’t even have time for breakfast and it doesn’t bother me at all. Nothing can bother you on one of those days. Greg comes and picks me up minutes after I awake, he has the windows down and the radio on; he knows it’s one of those days. My parents don’t even bother to ask where I’m going, they know as well. On the ride you see people walking on both sides of the street. Some walking for exercise some just out enjoying the weather. I feel bad for the runners who can’t just slow down and enjoy the day. There are coaches and kinds on Cunningham baseball field but there not in uniform. It’s too early for the season to have started, there trying out. You don’t normally see parents at tryouts but, they’re jealous that their kids are out enjoying the day so they join as well. It’s the weekend but there are still kids outside of the school playing like its recess. Even the beer bottles and cigarette remnants look beautiful on the side of the road. Nothing can put a damper on these days. The town square is buzzing, coffee shops love these days; it seems like everyone’s outside drinking a coffee with a friend or loved one. Greg and I have a stop to make; we have to pick up friend Bacon. Bacon’s smoking a cigarette on his front steps when we pull up out front. Bacon’s got one of his signature smiles on, immediately cracking his obnoxious jokes and making his absurd statements; he knows it’s one of those days. Next stop is the basketball court, there’s no need to tell your friends you’re going to Andrews Park on these days, they know. The court is already filled with the younger kids who don’t have to deal with the Sunday hangover. Tins of Skoal tobacco and water bottles line the court like a sideline. There is no organized game being played, there are too many kids out to fit into one game. The tennis courts are filled as well, no one has a racket, rackets aren’t necessary on these days. A ball and a few bodies are all you need to enjoy one of these days. Greg, Bacon and I step out of the car, the options on these days are endless. Greg and Bacon don’t play basketball but their shots are dropping in like they’ve played their whole lives today. I step on the court right behind them, no stretching, no warm up, on these days you don’t need to, the light breeze stretches your muscles and the warm air warms you up.

These days go on beyond the sunset. No one wants to go home on these days. As the sun goes down car headlights come on but, no one is leaving. The headlights give the small park the feeling of a big stadium. Friends feel like teammates, age doesn’t matter, freshman play the role of rookies and the seniors grasp the veteran role. Unfamiliar faces seem like the faces of friends you’ve known for years on these days. There is nowhere in the world anyone would rather be and we’re all here enjoying it together. Neighbors that would normally be annoyed by the ongoing commotion aren’t bothered today. They enjoy it, they enjoy it so much that they decide to fire up the grill so they can go outside and experience the day as well. The smell of burgers and hot dogs cooking reminds us all its dinner time but, no one is hungry, the taste of the cool air satisfies everyone’s hunger.

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