How To Pass Your Driving Test After Failing the First Time

March 28, 2011
By victoriamic1 BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
victoriamic1 BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
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The pressures on, and there’s no turning back now, literally. You are smushed in between two cars waiting for the most important test of your teenage years: your driving test; but it’s so much more. It’s a test for freedom, a test for independence, a test for maturity, a test for responsibility. You have to be ready.

It’s your second time, making the test all the more stressful. You can’t fail again! Can you imagine having to tell your friends you failed? Having the nerves resurface once again for a day of painful stress?

You will be fine. But, there are always little bits of information to remember to make the situation easier when ten minutes can determine your fate.

First, practice! Hard work can deplete any deficiency after lots of time. As James Garfield said, “If the power to do hard work is not a skill, it's the best possible substitute for it.” So, make sure you are comfortable. Being comfortable at the wheel will make an enormous difference when under so much stress.

Then, test day arrives. Before leaving for the testing center, make sure you have all of your documents “probationary driver stickers” that teens must put on their cars in New Jersey. Yes, they are annoying and unfair, but you need them to test. Eat a good breakfast to avoid passing out. Butterflies in your stomach may make this difficult, but you should definitely eat something. Bring along a bottle of water as well, just in case your mouth gets so dry from nervousness that you start coughing uncontrollably.

When you arrive, keep your eyes open for the person who failed you last time. This is the most crucial step of the process. Having the same tester who failed you last time increases your nerves astronomically, and you have very large percent chance of failing again. Some students also feel the need to get revenge against their tester, so especially if you are an angry person, avoid your old tester. Scan your vision constantly for the one, and when you see them, make sure you position yourself to avoid the tester from getting in your car and giving you a heart attack.
Once a different tester gets in your car, try to swallow your nerves and be sweet. Ask them how they are, how their day is going, and make small talk with them. Avoid sycophancy, however. The more they like you, the better.

You need to assess your situation: is my tester a softie? Is my tester a pushover? Or, is my tester scary? Is my tester going to find any reason to fail me? Once drawing a conclusion, play on your tester’s weakness. If they seem a bit soft, tell them how nervous you are and how much you hope to pass, since you’ve already failed once. If your tester is in a very bad mood, don’t say much. Just follow their directions. Situation assessed.

Stay calm during the road test, and make sure your hands don’t get so sweaty that you can’t hold the wheel. Follow all road signs and make sure to use your blinker. Don’t exaggerate your steering or stops too much; however, or else you’ll receive “Excessive maneuvers” on your report sheet, which may result in failure. Your maneuvers need to be just perfect.

Then comes the daunting cause of death for most teenagers at their road test: parallel parking. As you approach the miniscule spot you must park in, turn on your blinker. Pause and talk a deep breath. Don’t let the tragedy of last time’s failure even enter your mind for a second. Be confident and reserved. When you are ready, slowly turn into the spot. If you feel yourself hit the curb, stop and reposition, and play the guilty card with your tester. Tell him or her how nervous you are, because this is what you failed last time. Most likely, they will be patient with you, so don’t rush. Remember, two extra minutes parking could be the difference between two more months of excruciating waiting and ridicule from all.

After you mastered the parallel park, take another deep breath. The most tortuous part is over. You just need to ace the last two maneuvers, which most could do with their eyes closed. Just make sure you don’t run over the curb on the K turn. It happens. Don’t go too fast when you back up.

The test is over as you approach the testing center once more, and your heart will be beating. Your tester will tell you how you did, but you probably won’t be listening, all you wait for is “You passed.” Once you hear those words, congratulations! Give you pale-faced parents the thumbs up so they can breathe. Now, you will never have to go through so much agony, stress, and anxiety again!

Following these steps will keep your nerves to a minimum and ensure complete composure when taking the test. Be confident, happy, positive, and prepared!

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a process essay after failing my driving test for the first time. I hope this will help other teens!

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lollol said...
on Jul. 26 2017 at 1:22 pm
You can hardly speak "right" either, get off your high horse. What's with weirdos and capitalizing every 3rd word of their sentences? Where are those statistics? Pulled out of your arse?

barcas said...
on Jan. 14 2016 at 5:31 pm
Nice troll mate. I laughed out loud when I read this. Ok, i will bite.
You were obviously never a debater and you will never be a cop with piss poor reasoning like that. I have an "xbone" in full disclosure. I agree ps4 is more powerful, I agree ps4 has and continues to sell more than xbox, but that doesn't make it better just more popular, articles like this rubbish stick in peoples minds.
You made stupid comparisons in games, didn't compare online offerings or the fact MS have been adding new new features voted for by fans. Eg I stream mkv movies from my home nas and can still play gorgeous looking games. Outstanding! Yes, yes, argue about it supposed to be a pure gaming console like the ps4, if that was the case the ps4 wouldn't have netflix and other apps. I have friends who have ps4, I play it when I am over there place and you can't tell any difference in graphics when playing and for most games even when side by side.
I want the ps4 to do well, means MS will keep adding features for gamers AND non-gamers. My 12 year old daughter picked apart your article, she laughed at it too.
You my friend are what Aussies call, a muppet.

Kelly said...
on Jan. 14 2016 at 4:45 pm
What a beautiful article about a beautiful and under appreciated sport. Well done!

Cwindsor said...
on Jul. 16 2015 at 10:40 am
I love your poem. My family and I are getting ready to go on vacation to Ocean City MD, and I've been trying to write a poem, just to get us in vacation mode, and I came across your poem. It's exactly what I was looking. I'm sure that'll put my kids in the vacation mode! Thank You!

jees said...
on Jul. 7 2015 at 12:39 pm
You'received fucking retarded.

Michelle said...
on May. 29 2015 at 10:00 pm
First you don't know how to speak right because ain't isn't a word!! So you might want to Change that and also rap does have a big impact on our Society no matter what if your girl or boy. It's been proven that rap and hip-hop encourage adolescence to do things that they wouldn't of thought of doing. It's been proven that rap and hip-hop encourage adolescence to do things that they wouldn't of thought of doing. With that being said you should really look into that and use proper grammar when you talk

on May. 16 2015 at 6:13 pm
skittleznstuff17 BRONZE, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
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Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Stace said...
on Mar. 26 2015 at 3:27 am
Your Article was very helpful and reassuring, I failed my first time too hopefully I pass the second try same goes to all whoever else is taking their Driver's Test again.

Scarlett said...
on Feb. 3 2015 at 8:05 pm
Reading through this has only added stress..


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