My Backyard

March 23, 2011
By , West Hartford, CT
I sit on the rough stone wall and take in my surroundings. Water flows freely through the brook, a sign that it must have rained recently. A large rock juts out from the ground and the water is forced to part and move around it. As a gust of wind blows through, the leaves on the usually still trees rustle. One leaf is plucked right off of its branch and it flutters gracefully to the ground. The fiery reds and warm oranges of the foliage blend together and create a kaleidoscope effect as they quickly make their way to the ground. The grass grows a vibrant green color. Splotches of brown can be seen in certain places where the sunlight doesn’t constantly shine. Smoothly, the clouds move across the sky and cause the shadows to shift and dance across the blades of grass.

The constant coo of a bird creates a soothing lull. In the distance the chimes of a childhood song ring out. The ice cream truck is making its rounds, and the shrieks of young children harmonize with the continuous tune emanating from the truck. The babble of the brook can be heard above all these other sounds and is an ever present reminder of all the living creatures that flow through it.

Smoke glides through the air and makes its way to my nose. The smell of charcoal conjures up the taste of juicy hamburgers and perfectly seasoned steak in my mouth. Next to me grow large lilac bushes. A breeze carries the sweet scent of the flowers with it and engulfs me with the aroma.

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