February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Why do i feel this way? why am i so gloomy inside? When your here i feel that we can't talk or see each other anymore.....what am i going to do about it? There is not cure to a broken heart if no love is there. living in a world of sorrow and pain. is there anything that i can do to see you again. I love you. i know you love me, but I'm not that sure if you love me as much as you used you? if you are the love of my life come in and fill my heart again. Why aren't you here yet? Where are you?! will you ever come back to's tugging and pulling at my heart and brain. The questions and wonders of my mind. It boils in my blood, it keeps me awake relentlessly. every night, you're the only thing on my mind. i think about you all the time. there's nothing else for me to think about. no sleep? I'll go crazy. my hearts aches and my throat tightens each time i hear your name. my skin is pale and cold. it feels like I'll freeze to death. those words you said that day "You're beautiful, smart, fun, sweet, and nice." my heart fluttered. i haven't heard you say them since then. i probably never will. is this how we are meant to be, or are you just waiting for the better of "US"? i know you say "when i move we can talk more." but i want to talk to you even here, in my heart you say things that in lightens me. Your goofiness, sincerity, loving voice. Strawberry blonde hair, that you call close enough to red, and your green eyes. They're all memories that haunt me. without you being here with me, i don't know what I'm supposed to do. no ones ever made me feels this much love i know why it also hurts you in the same way. You've been off for 4 days. you last message "GTG" never said I love you Oni.

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