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February 27, 2011
By djt1227 BRONZE, East Boston, Massachusetts
djt1227 BRONZE, East Boston, Massachusetts
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My weekend was…average, maybe just a bit too average. Saturday, I woke up late and stayed home, procrastinating my trip to Staples with my mom and stepfather to pick up school supplies, which I had been dreading for a while. This trip meant having to face the reality of going back to school- not just for half a week or for a few days, but for the next ten months. But at least I’d get the chance to see all my friends again, and be surrounded by the people that I most care about! Not only that, but the stress that comes along with waiting in line, having to deal with large crowds of ignorant people in such a crowded space, and having to scavenge through the packed aisles for that green notebook under a pile of fifteen pink ones. Not to mention the expenses. Once I finally pulled that notebook from under a huge pile of worthless junk, I probably ended up paying approximately five dollars for it. Five dollars could get me on the train three times, or a thick juicy cheeseburger, or approximately six Kit Kat bars. The possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, the possibilities are pretty limited once you’re back at home from a long day of shopping. But I was anxious to do more than just sleep, eat and shop on my first weekend since the summer! So I painted. I painted the drawers in my bedroom. The ones filled with memories, clothes, trash, empty cigarette packs- and god knows what else. Just looking at my drawers brings back all the memories of all the people that I care about in life and who have made me the person I am today. The first drawer was painted green, with patches of blue, blue-green, red, and black. The second drawer was mostly red in color, with some black on the edges. The third drawer I decided to skip, and move onto the fourth, which I made pitch black. Not one spot of any other color is to be found. Black, the color of evil and negative concentration, unfortunately filled up my summer. It happens to be one of my favorite colors, second only to green, of course. Oh, and the fifth drawer? I also skipped. Yeah, I’ll probably look back at it ten years from now and think, “wow, what drugs was I on then?” and regret making the foolish choice of splattering paint all over my only drawers...

Sunday morning I was rudely awakened by my mother, tapping me, rushing me to quickly get up and get dressed immediately, with no time for a shower, a coffee, or a cigarette to get my day started. Apparently, my aunt’s father had died the night before. And as a close family, we fall into her shoes and make it our responsibility for her to feel better. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better family! So caring, and loving, and appreciative, it’s made me who I am today-- A unique someone, slightly obsequious, who puts others before himself.
THAT is what I love doing, making people feel good abut themselves. Unfortunately, most people don’t deserve it. There is no way you can help someone if they aren’t willing to care about themselves! But for those who do deserve it, I love being able to tell them how significant of a person they are. Simply reminding them that at the end of the day, they’re the best person they can be! And that’s what counts.

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