trip to grandparents

January 31, 2011
By lgoodbrake BRONZE, Boody, Illinois
lgoodbrake BRONZE, Boody, Illinois
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When I went to my grandparents in Arkansas and we went to go put a deck around there home. We went down there for about two weeks and man was it a good time.

I went to the outdoor center store it was for sporting goods and had stuffed animals. I was with my dad and grandpa and we was playing around with the stuffed animals and my grandpa was holding me and we was messing with a display tent and then we went on looking at the animals. So when we left we went McDonald's’ and I was in the back and went to put my straw in my drink and pocked in throw the bottom and my grandpa said “dang it boy” and he made me feel bad about spilling it in his truck.
we went down to the the white river and took my grandpas boat out and went fishing, and i had a little fishing pole and then we started to fish and i went to cast and hooked my grandpas hat and throw it in the water.we had to go get it and when went back to fishing and we had to go back for dinner.we ate and then was watching wheel of fortune because it was my grandmas favourite show and we watched it and then went upstairs. upstairs we looked at all of my grandpas pictures and then we started to play pool well i could barley c over the pool table so i got up on it and was playing until bed time and then went to bed.
the next day we went to the hard ware store and bought wood and then went back and i had a little golf set, and i was playing gin the front yard where my grandpa had rail road crossing lights and i would run out there and turn them on and play whit then.So while i was playing gin the front yard my dad and grandpa was building a deck around his house and wee went in to eat lunch

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