Almost Tragic

January 17, 2011
By , Hartland, WI
It was sunny fun filled day at the water park with Erinn and her family. They were all having fun going on all sorts of rides. When lunch finally came around they were sitting by the wave pool eating.

An hour went by and her and her brother started to get extremely hot from sitting outside in the 100 degrees whether, that we rarely get in Wisconsin, so they decided to go into the wave pool. Little did they know things were about to get interesting.

Erinn’s brother, Luke decided to go into the deep end of the pool when the waves weren’t going, which wasn't the smartest thing for him to do since he isn't the strongest swimmer. All a sudden the waves started coming. They were getting around 7ft tall. Erinn finally noticed that her brother wasn't by her. She started to panic. She started screaming, “LUKE, LUKE, where the f*** are you?” She started swimming towards the deep end.

There he was gasping for air every chance he got. He was surrounded by “big, fat, idiots on tubes,” making it so the life guards didn't see this happening. Erinn swam as fast as she could to get him. She knew this was risky because he could drag her under with him and they would both be goners. But it was her brother. She had a little life guard training behind her. So she did what she had to do. She grabbed him by the waist and swam as hard as she could until they got into shallow enough water were he could stand.

They finally got back to where her family was sitting at lunch and he caught his breath. She saved his life. This made there brother-sister bond even stronger. “He owes her his life.”

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