2010 Summer Vacation

December 22, 2010
By juno16 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
juno16 GOLD, St. Louis, Missouri
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2010 Vacation for my family was the worst life changing thing that can happen to a family. May 19, 2010 was the very start of it. Our house burnt down. The day before my little brother Drake’s birthday a fire started in our basement. My older brother, Thomas and I where the only ones home. I was in the shower and he was down stairs. When I got out he was on the couch up stairs and asked me, “Do you smell smoke?”
“Ya. What did you do?” I replyed
“Nothing. I didn’t do anything.” We both walked to the basement door and opened it and a big puff a smoke came out at us. Thomas ran outside and I grabbed Cheyenne and my cellphone. I called 9-1-1 and they put me on hold three times. When the Fire Fighters finly came to the burning house they asked us a lot of questions. There where 5 fire trucks, 3 cop cars, 1 ambulance, and the redcross.
Cheyenne kept barking and barking at everything that was going on. My neighbor Kenny came over to where we where at my other neighbors house, and he swopped in and gave me a big hug. After everything started to calm down my grandparents’ took me and my brothers over to their house. My family and I stayed there for two weeks. At there church they found a family that was selling their home and they wanted us to rent it.
The rental was a two story house and we called it the house of doors because there where doors that leads to nowhere. The rental was a hell house, but it was better than staying at my grandparents. There was a tire swing outside in the back and my little brother and I where swinging on it. The rope that was holding it snaped and a big hunk of rested metal almost landed on his head. In the house there where brown recluse spiders everywhere. I almost got bit by one and if you get bit by one it gets really gorse when you do not treat it.
My dog Cheyenne was staying at my Nana and Papa’s house. When My mom and I where driving to get her we got pulled over. This was the first ticket my mom got in 20 years. Later on my mom got the worst case of poison ivy out doctor had ever seen. She had to take baths in oatmeal two times a week.

I remember when we had to take Cheyenne away , because we could not care for her any more. Cheyenne was my best friend. The day she was put down my life changed. Friday June 3rd, 2010 I had my mom sign the papers to put my dog down. She was a good dog to my family and I, but bad with other people. My mom was always afraid that she would bite someone, and we would not have any money to pay for it. At the vet clinic the Vet asked my mom if we wanted Cheyenne to be put in a cage or put to sleep. Mom did not know what to do, so I stepped up and told her to sign the paper. I knew that Cheyenne wasn’t good in cages and no one would want to adopt her, but maybe a dog fighting owner.

On June 6th, 2010 Cpl. Donald M. Marler passed away. He was my cousin and he changed every ones life around him. He was the coolest marine ever. He protected President Gorge W. Bosh and President Obama. Because of him I want to be a marine, be what they stand for. Donald was killed while on a combat mission in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was planning on this mission to be his last. When he was about to leave he promised his girlfriend that they will get married and settle down together once he returns. Now Donald Marler can never be a husband, a father, and he will never come home.Summer of 2010 was one of the worst summers of my life, I lost so many loved soles and the summers not over yet.

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