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December 22, 2010
According to my many acquaintances I am just your average bubbly teenage girl. Those people judge too quickly; they don't take the time to discover all of the intelligent arguments or opinions I have to offer to the world. I am constantly mistaken for a goody two shoes with nothing better to do with herself other than achieve superb grades and impeccable attendance. Why nobody looks any deeper than that, I don't know. If they looked hard enough they would be pleasantly surprised. I have always been ignored for what I really am, an "old soul". Typical everyday, adolescent life bores me to no end.

The constant drama over petty things appalls me. What is so appealing about constantly making up rumors about your best friend just to get what you want out of life? The way I see it, we would all be better off if we could just skip all of this drama and get on with our lives. The world would have less to worry about if this part of maturing went faster or just got sped through like a yellow traffic light.

For reasons unknown to myself, I have gracefully matured way ahead of my time. Participating in adult conversations has been apart of my life since I learned how to speak correctly. Never was I sent away during a deep discussion revolving around topics I didn't understand or shouldn't be exposed to at such an early age. This being the reason for my lack of understanding towards the childish behavior I have to endure day in and day out just to acquire a high school education. I don't get along with people in my age grouping because I psychologically don't belong at that level. Hopefully this will provide sufficient insight to the way I act around my peers.

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