The Best Day

December 14, 2010
By caroline cain BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
caroline cain BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
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It is a very happy day for Anna and David. David walks into the dingy little hospital room where he sees Anna holding their newborn baby girl. He starts to cry when he kneels down at the side of the bed and rubs his hand across his newborn baby’s cheek. He then rubs Anna’s cheek and says softly, “Congratulations to us sweet pea.” They have wanted a little girl ever since their first baby named April past three weeks after she was born due to a heart defect. Anna is filled with joy now that she is holding her three pound baby girl in her cozy arms.

The author's comments:
Dear teenink,

I wrote this story in my creative writing class. It was an assignment that was given to us. The story is about a couple that had their second child but their first child didn’t make it. It tells about the joy they feel and the relief of knowing their baby is healthy. I chose this piece because it was one of my favorites and I wanted people to read it. It is based off a true story. My mom lost her first child. She was so upset that every time she would see someone else with a baby she would start to cry. Losing a child is one of the hardest things to go through. Then two years later my mom had me. I filled a little bit of the whole that was left in her heart when her first born passed. I wrote this also because if someone read this that lost their first child to they could realize that there are people out there going through the same thing. They aren’t alone.

Sincerely,Caroline Cain

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