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December 7, 2010
By lenizdawg28 BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
lenizdawg28 BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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There we were, us five girls, just being girls, you know playing Never have i ever, talking about guys, and doing other things typical girls did. I didn't know what would happen considering my parents went up north for the week and they let me have anyone (which was not a good idea to have a 14 yearold girl have ANYONE over while gone) over, only one obvious rule, NO BOYS it was put in clear writing on the fridge. That night, i thought we would just go to the park also considering it was summer and we wouldn't pay attention to cerfew but i was sooo wrong. we left and walked to Adrians house (who i had liked since 6th grade) as we walked into the house all of our hair up in sloppy buns, our cloths consised of ripped short shorts, and an old t-shirt tied in the back. I was embarressed to be walking into his house looking messy but when i saw the big staircase, i couldn't help but to smile he asked.
"Do you like my house" as he chuckled a little. i shook my head up and down. i was amazed. later around two in the morning everyone fell asleep in the big living room and i fell asleep on the couch in his arms we woke up about five in the morning and i was sad when i had to get up out of his warm comferting grip, later that day when it was only me and my friend Olivia, Adrian texted me asking me to come to his hous so olivia and i left and when arrived he gentilly kissed my cheak. we watched t.v. for an hour then Olivia left and i was alone my heart beating i could have sworn it was showing through my blouse, he asked me if he could kiss me and i squilled a little and nodded and he kissed me and now for six months now we have been together and i never want him to let me out of his arms<3

The author's comments:
i diecided to share how my boyfriend adrian and i became what we are now, i have to say i have never been happier :)

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