Sounds of Nature

October 27, 2010
By BanditGiraffe BRONZE, Guilford, Vermont
BanditGiraffe BRONZE, Guilford, Vermont
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The sounds of nature are beautiful. Starting off early in the morning, rights as the sun starts to come up you start hearing the sounds of nature. Bright and early you hear the birds chirping to greet the day. Throughout the day you can hear the birds singing for all to hear. There are other creatures and noises around as well. You can hear the squirrels scampering around in the trees searching for food. You can hear the wind as it blows through the tree branches, the trees making creaking and cracking noises. The chipmunks rustling through the leaves on the ground. Sometimes you can even hear the slight sound of a deer bounding around in the woods. As the day goes on the son starts to set, the sounds of the day time start to die down as the things that cause those sounds go to sleep. The wind mat still blow, but at night it has a slightly different sound, a little more eerie. Although at night the sound is not lost, just a bit different. The crickets and peepers wake up and start to sing their own songs to each other. Wolves and other wild dogs also make their own song toward the moon. As we fall asleep ourselves to the peaceful sound of crickets, soon the sun will rise again. Maybe tomorrow there will be a thunder storm.

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