Power of Music

October 27, 2010
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When I was young, my father would work in his little work garage and build things. He would build anything from tables to bird houses. It wasn’t his job, but it was one of his hobbies. I would be in there, sweeping the sawdust up and out of the garage; I was ten and thought I was helping him clean even though I would miss big chunks. All the time he would have his old radio going, playing country music. I fell in love with the sound of people’s voices, the acoustic guitar, the fiddle, the violin and other instruments.
When I got older, I used to have people rag on me for liking country music. I still liked it, but adapted to listening to certain types of music around certain types of people. When I was with my brother, I would listen to rap; mostly Eminem. When I was with my friends, I would listen to pop. When I was with my mother, I was introduced to old rock like Kid Rock, Bachman Turner, AC/DC and Boston. I started to like just about every genre I was introduced.
I am now eighteen years old and my Ipod has a little bit of everything. I have even added some plane piano, Evenessance and a little bit of screamo. What ever friend I am with, I know I can plug my I pod into their car and turn on what both of us like. However, I have not only known different types of music and artists, I also know what music can do.
Here is what I have learned. Music is beautiful. Here’s was I believe; music is powerful. If music was a club, it would have the most members than any other club unlike the chest club at your old high school. People all over the world like music. People listen to it everyday. Music has become so powerful that students and people want and learn to play an instrument for fun.
Music is so powerful; it can make you cry, angry or laugh. Music is the one thing in the world that everyone has in common. I have never in my lifetime met a person who truly can not stand music. The one thing that I can not stand is a person who discriminates against a certain genre because they don’t like it. A true music lover loves all kinds of music, or at least sees the beauty in it.
For me, music calms me down or gets me pumped up. I listen to it everyday of my life. I know other people who listen to it every day of their lives too. It’s funny because if you think about it, music is the one thing can keeps people at peace or have peace in their lives. Music is power. This is what I Believe.

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