My Life in the First Grade

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

In the beginning of my senior year of high school, I realized I wanted to be an Elementary teacher. During the first day of school I went to my guidance counselor to set up an independent study in the elementary. I decided to be a teacher’s aide in the first grade.

Throughout the first day of school, I was anxious to go to the elementary school after lunch. Finally the hour had arrived, and I walked to the elementary school. As I appeared happily in Mrs. Baier’s room, she introduced me to the first graders. After that, she asked me to walk around the classroom and help the students write a sentence about their day in their journals.

The next day she asked me if I would mind doing milk break for the second and first grade, and I kindly said I would. As I went to the elementary school every day, she always had a new task for me. I began sorting letters in baggies for the students every day as well as reading a book to the students during snack and milk break. Once I read a book, they always ask me to read another, I would love to, but i have to leave after I get done reading the first book.
I enjoy helping the students and Mrs. Baier. I feel like I make Mrs. Baier’s day go easier, because once I show up in the classroom she has plenty of things for me to help her with. The students also enjoy having me in class. I believe the students like that there is someone else that can be there to help them, instead of Mrs. Baier. I wish I could be in Mrs. Baier’s classroom all day, every day.

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