Size Doesn't Matter

August 6, 2010
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'No. You're too small.' 'Let me get that, I can reach it.' 'People are going to run you over!' These are things I've heard my whole life. I'm just a tiny bit over 5 foot and I'm 14. This is unusual. I am a total sport person, but I've quit many sports because of my height. 
When I was 6 or 7, I played soccer. I was a really good goalie. But I only played two years. Because after my second year, girls were kicking the ball over my head. I couldn't reach it. 
I was a cheerleader for a year. I hated it, but I was so small, I couldn't do all the kicks and everything that long arms and legs come in handy for. The same happened with gymnastics. I could do the bar stuff because I'm strong and weigh so little, but not the beam and floor routines. 
I still play basketball, but I'm always overpowered by the taller girls. I can shoot, if nobody is right in front of me. It is normally slammed right back down. I didn't get to play much on my middle school team because of this. 
So what can I play? I love I had to find something I was good at. I tried individual sports. This helped! I run, play tennis, and swim. I'm pretty good at all three. So here's the lesson. Don't let people put you down because of something you have no control over. Find a way to prove them wrong. 

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emgolfer96_1gdbff said...
Dec. 19, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Hi casey!! I love that you are so open to trying new things! This really spoke to me too because I am always the short one too..only 5 foot, but I keep an open mind, because I am pretty good at dodgeball, that was my strength for sports, and that was that. But now I find more strength in writing and as a writer and your best friend, I applaud you bestie! I hope I can post something as personal as this soon.

Love Emily! (:

P.S. I never knew you played soccer! Ah, maybe you t... (more »)

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