A Luv Story

July 18, 2010
By twizzlerjunkyy BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
twizzlerjunkyy BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“Snap out of it Gabby,” snapped Loubna. “I’m trying to tell you about what happened in Science today!”
“Sorry, I was just daydreaming. I heard everything you said,” I lied. I didn’t hear one word she said. I was too busy thinking about him.
“No you didn’t, Gabrielle. I can tell, when you lie,” Loubna replied. Truthfully, l wasn’t surprised. I’m a horrible liar. When I lie, I close my eyes and wear an awkward smile on my face that could make anyone uncomfortable.
I laughed, “Ahhh, you know me best Loubna.” Desperate to change the subject, I complimented her outfit.
“You look cute by the way,” I said while flashing cheesy smile that made my almond eyes more slanted. Truth is she really did look cute. Her hair was straightened and her bangs were cut nicely. Her hazel contacts looked bright against her black hair and tanned skin. She had on Global Studies uniform but she put her own special twist to it. She had black skinny jeans on and black and white converse high-tops on. She also had a vibrant sweat shirt on.
“Oh thanks, Gabby. You look nice too,” Loubna said. “Oh, let’s go before it’s too late.”

We walked to Math class and took our seats. I sat next to Daketa in the bright classroom. Miss Williams kept her classroom very clean and well decorated. Every time I walked in the room she greeted me with a smile.
“Hi, Daketa,” I said to Daketa
“Hi, Gabby,” Daketa said to me. We sat in our seats with our heads down, passing notes.
Daketa: Say something 2 him
Gabby: No u say something
Daketa: y would I say something, I don’t like the guy
Gabby: pleazzzzzzzzzzz!! B my wing-man.
Daketa: Just tell him how you feel.
Gabby: I bet he knows
Daketa: trust me he’s pretty stupid, don’t give him 2 much credit
Gabby: Fine, I’ll do it, some friend you are!
Daketa: trust me gabby, Ur a pretty girl, who dresses well and get straight A’s. Who would possibly turn u down??
Gabby: Awwww, Thanks ?
Daketa: Ur welcome, hey I always speak the truth.
Gabby: Alright I’ll do it, no questions asked, ur pretty 2 btw.
Daketa: ?

Maybe Daketa was right. I never thought of myself as pretty. That was weird for me to hear or should I say read. Growing up, I never looked too much into facial appearances. Now that I think about it, I am okay looking. I have a few pimples on my face but there not noticeable. I have a small nose and small ears. My eyes are almond shaped and slightly slanted. The color of my eyes is dark brown. I have lots of hair on my head. The hair on my head is black, wild and curly. I tried taming it this morning but it didn’t come out how I wanted it. Still, it’s not that bad. I have lots of baby hair that naturally sits on my forehead nicely. My lips are full, but in its own way small. I always liked clothes and loved to dress well and experimented with layers, textures and colors. Today, I had on black skinny jeans on, black flats, a long, white, button down shirt on and a dark blue denim vest to top it off.

I decided after math class. I will tell Carter how I felt. The bell rang and I talked to carter before we headed to lunch

“Hi Carter, “I waved

“Oh hey Gabby, what’s up,” he asked. For a minute, I couldn’t answer because I was lost in his eyes. They were like golden pits, I just sunk in.

“Gabby,” he said once more. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah of course, I am. I always blank out. It’s a side effect of all the meds I’m on. Ummmm, well I’ll see you in lunch,” I said. Wow, did I just say that! How could I be so stupid? When I got to lunch, I sat next to Cindy, Natalie and Loubna.

“You guys I messed up! I told Carter I was on meds,” I cried to my three best friends. I looked up to see their expressions. They all bit their pink, puffy upper lip. I can tell they were trying their hardest not to laugh. I gave them the look that signaled it was alright for them to laugh. They laughed for two whole minutes. I must say, their laughter made me laugh too.

“Gabby don’t get too excited about this. It’s not that bad,” Natalie ensured me.
“Yeah, what’s the big deal, I thought you were on meds the whole time,” Cindy joked, obvious trying to make us laugh. I giggled at her joke. I looked around our dull, green and white lunchroom and spotted Carter next to the vending machines.
“Okay ladies, I’m going in for the kill. Wish me luck,” I smiled at my best friends. They gave me the thumbs up and I walked over to Carter. A girl named Jazzahanae was over there, when I got there. She smelled like lip gloss and three day old beer. Jazzahanae’s black hair was in a messy, ponytail. She had tan, baby phat, sweat pants on. She also had on blue and black Jordans and a blue Global Studies uniform shirt. Jazzahanae always reminded me of a bird. Her nose is pointy, her eyes are big and dark, and her mouth had a natural pout to it. Jazzahanae is a lot bigger than me. While I’m a size zero, she’s a size 16. I am also taller than Jazzahanae by an inch.
“Hi Jazzahanae,” I said nonchalantly.
“Oh Hi, Gabrielle,” she turned to me, than put all her attention on Carter. “Hey Carter, do you have a girlfriend?” he shook his head no. Then she asked, “Do you want one?”
“Sure, I don’t care,” he replied coolly.
“Well, Gabrielle likes you and you should ask her out,” said the wicked witch of Brooklyn. Before she could say anymore words out of her filthy mouth, I left the crime scene. I thought Jazzahanae was my friend or at least knew the girl code. How could she do this to me? She’s nothing but a two-face w****! “OMG! You guys, you wouldn’t believe what that animal did to me,” I cried to Cindy, Natalie and Lou.
“Who,” they asked in unison.
“Jazzahanae, told Carter I liked him,” I cried, still in shocked. “She’s such a dumb broad!” All the girls gasp.
“I can’t believe she did that,” said Loubna. “Then again I’m not surprised, she did that to me and other girls at this school.” Natalie and Cindy agreed with Lou Lou.
“Don’t worry Gabby,” said Natalie. “This will all blow over. “
The next day at lunch, Rakeim talked to me.
“Yo, Gabrielle, you like my boy Carter,” he asked.
“Ummm, yeah I guess. Why,” I shot back.
“Because he likes you too.” He smiled. “Carter comes here.” He yelled at Carter and then Carter came over with his skate board. “You guys talk, I’ll be leaving,” Rakeim said.
“So, I guess, you know I like Carter,” I said shyly. “You know because of Jazzahanae told you.”
“Umm yeah, I know and I also like you too. You are pretty and smart.” He said awkwardly. I blushed “Oh thank you, you’re pretty and smart too.” We laughed at my awkward words.
Then he said, “So umm, would like to go out with me.” My eyes widen with joy. My mouth was also open widely looking like I just heard the best news in the world.
“Umm, sure.” I smiled. we hugged and then he gave me a kiss on the cheek. When he left, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Five minutes later Loubna, Natalie, and Cindy surrounded me.
“Oh my gosh gabby, what happened? Give us details,” shrieked Cindy.
“Umm, well he said he liked me too and now we go out. I guess,” I told my friends still in shock. There was a quick moment of silence after I told the girls the news. After that, they screamed and gave me hugs.
“We’re so happy for you, Gabby,” they said consecutively
“Thanks,” I replied with the biggest smile on my face. That smile and the feeling of love and joy lasted the whole day.

The author's comments:
this is a peice about me in the 8th grade and it is a cute lil experience i want to share

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