Nice Guys

May 25, 2010
By Kaylarebekah131719 PLATINUM, McDonough, Georgia
Kaylarebekah131719 PLATINUM, McDonough, Georgia
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*(ending to Faith) I told myself that, if I avoided him at all costs, I'd be okay; so I did, and I was, and he never game back.
* More than we rely on other people, we rely on other peoples ignorance.
*Just a little thank you, to all the morons that led me to learning to write well; you are the razors of the pen that draws the blood I write with. I owe it all to your mistakes.

Mistakes; we’ve all made them, even me; but I’m noticing people unknowingly making the same mistake, over and over, with many different people. So this is to remedy that. Girls, I want you to think back. Remember that guy, no not that one, not the one who tore your heart from you chest and set it afire to blaze as a token of victory to the others of his kind, the good one; the nice one, the one you never really paid any attention too. Yeah, him. Remember him? Remember how safe he made you feel? Remember how sure you were that he’d always be there for you? Never once did you shed a tear over him, because he never hurt you. Remember the one that would wait up all night for you to call, the one you apologized too the next day because you’d simply got caught up in a conversation with a different guy; you’d been distracted by, yeah, that one, the one that broke you. Remember how you always told him to never change; “you’re so sweet, you’re my best friend,” you’d say and smile and he’d smile back, for you, but all the while his insides were freezing against the agonizing tyranny of jealousy, rage, and loss. Remember the guy that you left behind for the guy that would eventually leave you behind, and remember how, deep inside, you knew that as you walked away. Remember the guy, not the guy who told you he loved you as he tugged at your cloths a week or two after asking you out, but the one who meant it six months later. The one who could have made you happy, the one you walked away from. Remember him in everything you do. Find him in your every word, and honor him with your every decision, and fear his face as you turned your back on him for another while all three parties were aware of the torture and misery that awaited; keep in mind the pain you caused as you showed him that you preferred hear breaking abandonment and betrayal to a simple and joy filled life with him. And, if you haven’t made this mistake yet, heed my warning and don’t. If you have, take a moment to call him up and apologize, and remember him and think about how much you’d give to have him back right now. And guys, no not you why are you even reading this, go play games with some girls head; yeah, you. The nice guy; I’d like to offer you two things; firstly I’d like to offer you some true advice. Really, don’t change, because one day, as all of us girls grow up, we will search high and low for the few of you who made it out alive. And secondly, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to you, from the bottom of my heart, because, while I might not have been the girl to hurt you, someone was, and in her place, I am sorry. Because you deserve better, and because you got treated badly, and because I made the same mistake she did, and I’d give anything to have him back. Yeah, ends up, he’s not only that one, he’s the one.

The author's comments:
I simply feel bad for the nice guys that always get screwed over; and they do, they always get screwed over. I've done it and I've seen it done because people find it hard to appreciate them until later in life, but I do, and I want them to know it.

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