My Sister

May 20, 2010
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She sat there in the rain and waited. Waited for the nothing that was coming. They'll never hurt her again-she won't let them. Protecting herself is what she's good at, her hidden strength. Rain dripped like melting silver down her cheek, taking the place of the tears that once fell. But she needs to keep living, to keep fighting. She doesn't feel sorry for herself, she's not the one that lost. They all are. the ones who let her go, who never cared. They thought she was nothing. And for sometime she believed them. Untill they broke her down and left her there. She grew stronger and she would never be broken down again. When you have nothing the only thing left to live for is life and that IS worth it. The future is unknown and that terrifys and exites her. It can't get worse then this-only better. She sits there protected by her mind, the only thing they couldn't touch, that they couldn't try to change. The only thing that hurts her now is the cold rain on the uncovered areas of skin on her body, all the other pain is gone. She doesn't have any regrets, she never did and that makes her better, better at surviving. ?

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