The Unclear View.!

April 28, 2010
It was a typical Tuesday after school. Flicking through the channels not actually caring what was on TV. I look outside thinking to myself “I wish I could go outside, but it’s raining.” when I look at my screen I thought to myself “what is that.” To get a better view I get up off the couch and walked over to the screen and my heart dropped.

There it was the biggest spider I have ever seen in my fourteen years of living. I thought to me “what would happen, if I went over there and opened the screen door?” But no I was too scared to even go near that screen door. I screamed my dad’s name as loud as I could because I was terrified, I could feel the tingly feeling of me being scared through my whole entire body it felt really weird. My dad walked in the room, to come and see what I was talking about, and what was wrong with me. I shouted loudly “spider dad spider,” he asked me where it had came from, but I had no idea I was clueless of where it had came from. My dad completely shut down, he didn’t say a word I was really confused I felt like I was on one of those hey you’ve just got punked shows because he wouldn’t talk to me. When I go and tap my dad I asked “dad what’s wrong with you, he starts laughing at me .I felt like a complete idiot, because I had no clue why he was laughing at me, until he had stated that the huge thing on the screen that I had thought was a spider had turned out to be a frog. I stood there thinking to myself “I am a complete idiot for thinking out of all things a frog would be the one that I mistake for a spider. It was scary when my heart had drooped at first, thinking that it was one thing but it was another. Being scared I didn’t look closely to the screen, until my dad came in and made me realize that it wasn’t what I thought it was, sometimes when you think that something is very scary until you look closely and see what it is. My dad thinks that I’m full of myself but I believe that, if he actually puts his feet in my shoes he would’ve felt the same way when he saw that frog that looked like a spider.

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