have you ever hard of that girl that got it made? You sure about that??

March 26, 2010
By nettieboo BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
nettieboo BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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Jojo always been the tip of girl at ur school thats always positive about eveything. You have to know her really well in order to know when somethings wrong. She had it made at school she cheerleading capten. she had brown curly hair,hazle nut eyes with the slime figer. Eveyone new her at school she was the type of girl people looked up to. She had good grades and eveything. You think "wow shes so lucky i wanna be like her".well that wat i thote..Shes only 15 in school u can see the worry in her eyes for her little brother anthony that only 5months old. Her mother and fother a drug additec n ailcohices. She came to school evey week with some broose in her arm. She says its from cheerleading. but i really didnt think so. shes told me shes scared to leave anthony at the house so she takes him to a nabor each morning b4 school. One evening she came home n her nabor said there mom had picked up anthony. she went home to find her parints no ware to be found n heard a cry comeing from the room.Anthony was on the floor for probly hours. She pick him up and see brooses on him. She has no clue how long hes been on the floor or what hes been feed.She gives hime a botttle of mike and calms him downNext morning jojo wakes up and still no parints in sight. So she feeds anthony and drops him off at the neigbors. later at school she was called down to the office 2 police men were waiting for her "ma maybe u should sit down for this" one of the policemen said. she sat down with no words. "im sorry to tell you but........your parints were in a tarible car accadent they were dronk and hit 4 other cars im sorry but they didnt make it", she just gave them a hard start n no words can out of her month....The she said thank u for the notice n walked out of the office with not even sheeding a single tear. She walked to class silently in shoted. When she came in the class all eveys were on her. She tryed to act as positive as ever n not show no emoshone at all. Her unkel was willing enuff to take her and anthony in as long as she took care of him. YOU STILL THINK she has it made?

The author's comments:
a vary close friend went throught this. See how good it was at school n at home it wasnt even close its noth that shes fake its that she got a hard life n she tryna make it better

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