Out of my Life

March 22, 2010
By taytay_elle BRONZE, El Dorado Hills, California
taytay_elle BRONZE, El Dorado Hills, California
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Walking down the hallway
seeing the door to the room
My heart begins to pound
as my feet step closer.
"Was I making the right choice
to do this or no."
The black hair lady
opens the door.
It swings past me.
My eyes begin to search.
And their he sits.
Purple shirt and orange pants.
Seeing him brought back memories.
Ones i tried to forget.
Words of the DA and attorney
fill the air.
Then comes the other girl.
With her words and thoughts.
Eyes begin to water
all throughout the room
Even mine had a sparkle tear.
We were so much alike.
Then the sentencing comes,
oh what a peaceful noise.
He will be gone for a while,
no more need for worry.
I leave the court room
to listen more of the DA
I look up,
There he passes
Handcuffs in all
He looks my way
Then out the door.
Out of my life.

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