The Player Changed Because Of Love.

February 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Seventh Grade was my first boyfriend. I was 13yrs. old at the time and knew nothing about how to be a girlfriend to a 8th grade boy. After a month i broke it off with him and then i dated another boy after a week. I grew up dating boy after boy after boy. I was the player girl in the school and everyone knew it. I only was in a relationship for 2 weeks or a month maybe. Sometimes the relationships will be break up and then 2 days later be back with each other. I don't know why i became the player in my family and of my friends. I guess it was because i was trying to find the right one and i did.
It's 2010 now and since last year I've been with the boy I've been waiting for. His name is Luis and he the most sweetest,cutest,funniest and most caring boy ever. There so much i can tell everyone about him but i rather not and just get on with the writing. He older then me,he 20 and me & him been through hell trying to get people to accept us and my parents to approve of us dating. I met him over the internet, on myspace and seeing his pictures caught my eye so bad. I couldn't stop looking at them and everyday we talked over the phone i looked at them, wishing he was there to talk to me in person. ~~
I met him in person last summer and when i met him i freak and couldn't believe my eyes. He was cuter in person and we talked for a few minutes and he gave me his sweater and chain. I was the most happiest girl ever then i was more surprised. We got up to both go home and he stood up; hug me and then whispered i love you in my air and then he kissed me on the cheek. I left walking away; smiling and couldn't get what just happened out of my mind. I was smiling going to sleep that night. I knew this was going to be different then my other relationships.
June 3rd 2009 my dream came true. He asked me out and without thinking i said yes right away. June was the month of my birthday and him being my boyfriend was the best present i can ever get. Throughout our relationship i did mess up with him but he never broke up with me because he believed in me and i did whatever i can so i can keep him.
Other boys in my high school knew i was a player and thought my relationship wouldn't last with him but they were wrong. Me & him stay with each other because i found the one i wanted forever. It's been 8 months for us and we went through a lot of rough times but we got through them. We are a strong couple and we love each other more then anything. I'm only a teenager but I'm in love and i know its true love. If it wasn't i wouldn't have made all the sacrifices that i did for him and he wouldn't have either.
I was the player the since June 3rd 2009 i stop being the player. I found the one i want for the rest of my life. I don't need any other boy then him. I'm still know as the player but it doesn't matter because i know and so does he that I'm not anymore. He changed me because of love. It's going to be forever and I'm never going to go back to being a player ever again.

The author's comments:
This is a true story of me and my boyfriend.

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