January 25, 2010
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A time I would have changed what I had done, turn back the clock for, would have to be in August at my cheer gym. It was late summer and the heat was blazing on us. Practice had already started and I was dying. Ten laps around the gym seemed like forever but our coach finally came out and called us over to the smaller floor to stretch. Since I was a flyer, I was assigned my own personal stretcher to loosen me up. Sabrinna pulled me over to a wall and pulled my left leg up against the wall beside my head. After about a minute, she set that leg down and moved onto the right. Next I was told to turn around and begin stretching needles. So I turned towards the wall, gave her my left leg, and closed my eyes.
Stretching needles was very normal for me, in fact, I did them almost everyday. So it was highly unusual for something to go wrong. As my partner was pulling my leg up against my back, I noticed something didn’t feel right. I opened my eyes immediately and looked down to find that the leg I was on positioned awkwardly. Then suddenly, something popped in my right knee and caused me great pain. I fell to the floor instantly.

I didn’t realize what had happened until months later when it occurred numerous times again. That night at my cheer gym, I had popped my right knee joint out of place and didn’t have the ability to straighten it. I continued to not straighten it for months which led to me not becoming weaker and unable to participate in daily practices. I ended up having to quit all together. Cheer was practically my life, and it was heartbreaking to have to loose it after I had came all that way. So that is what I would do over, take back, have another chance to do. Because cheerleading meant the world to me and I would do anything to have that moment back and readjust my leg.

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