January 11, 2010
By br.hall94 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
br.hall94 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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“How was school Brian?” my mom asked as I sat down with the rest of my family for dinner. “Um, it was a total waste of time, there was no point of me being there, completely boring, and the whole day was torture,” I replied. “Ya, well too bad squirt,” my older sister Lianne, said. “Just wait for college.” I looked at her and glared. “Hey Brian do you like Coppell?” my mom asked. “Ya, all my friends are here and everything I know is here”. She looked sad as she said, “Well, Brian we are moving again.” I looked at her in shock and then I blew up, “NO, next year is freshman year and we have already moved four other times and have had five different houses. I do not want to do it again.” Once again, I was completely and utterly sad. I would be leaving everything I was used to, everything I loved, and everything I wanted. I would feel the empty pit in my heart that it took so long for me to refill before. My heart would again be opened like a fresh wound. It was like a dark blanket was thrown over me. What looked to be a good day was now dark and empty. I looked at my dad, hoping that he would jump up and say, “just kidding”, but he did not, he did not even move. “When?” I asked. My mom replied “After school in the middle of summer.” “Great I do not even get to miss school,” I laughed. I had to be strong because I could not let my parents feel bad. So I smiled and cried on the inside as a dark hand snatched my heart and squeezed.
The next few months went by too fast. My gang, of which I was the ringleader, was very sad. Brian, Rikki V, Riki O, Jack, Carter, Chris, Ronald, and Dakota were all very heartbroken, as if a hammer had come and started to pry us apart. To fill this summer with some happiness we decided to party like no tomorrow. We saw movies most weekends; we partied every Saturday, with people coming to my house and me going to other houses. I remember having so much fun and staying up so late that when I finally slept it was for a long time to recharge my batteries for round 2. We did things that I never did just to make me happy, and to make my last experience in Coppell and great one. I was there when school ended and that started the start of a non-stop party-a-thon the whole summer I was there. First we had a no more school party, and we swam in a great pool as it washed away all or worries like a wave of sunshine. We had consistent sleepovers where I would not even see my home for days. We watch movies; played videogames, played outside, and just had a blast. But as I know better than I should, all great things do not last, and soon it was time for my family and I to leave Coppell. We had a more night together before I had to go back to my house and help pack, then we would leave when we finished. That night we went to my friend’s house and got on our Ripsticks and ripsticked the whole night. “You think you can knock me off fool” I said to Riki as we circled each other on our Ripsticks. We were having a Ripstick war a game we made up, the objective is to knock the other person off their board. I was the best and soon Riki was done with Carter, Chris, and Brian. “Ha, you guys are pathetic, hopefully while I’ am gone you guys well get better HAHAHA.” I looked at them and felt the pit in me open up more we were having all this fun and soon it will all be memories. I laughed as they got back up on their boards. We id that for a few more minutes then we decided to go around the neighborhood. We were out for hours that night doing nothing, but making memories and trying to say the words I could not say “goodbye.”
The movers came in a huge van that stretched from my house to our neighbor’s house. To everyone it was a huge, orange, house holding machine, but to me it was more sadness and pain, a portal that took away my memories and leaved my as a crippled boy in a big world. The movers packed my house in three days and it was three days to fast. I watched as they moved from room to room during those 3 days reminiscing about all the memories I had in every room. We were going to leave a day after they finished so that meant that we were going to stay in our house one last time. That was the worst night ever, nothing to do and nothing to sleep on, but a few things we got from our friends, I got a raft and it was not comfortable. It might as well have been a rotten log, with branches protruding everywhere poking you and keeping you up all night. For better or worst, we left the following morning to our new house in Houston. I remember looking back as we left everything again. Seeing the hole in my heart getting bigger as if it were a black hole wanting to expand everywhere and leave nothing, but darkness. I waved and we were gone.
Now two months later, I look back on those days and I realized that I did the right thing. I lived life to its fullest, unfortunately before I found out I was moving I did not really do much. I did not live, have fun, or get memories. Now I know no matter what that I need to have fun, because you never know when something drastic can happen and when you look back you want to have memories of good times not emptiness. So now I look back on my move and smile. I learned a lesson and had fun doing it and those memories of the summer of 09 will stay with me forever.

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