Prince Charming

December 10, 2009
By Anonymous

He was my Prince Charming. He was honest, loyal, kind, trustworthy, intelligent and everything I had ever dreamed about in a boy. He would love me for who I am. He would understand how I feel when i'm tense, how to comfort me when I'm depressed, how to make me feel like I was the only girl in his heart. I think that is where my problem lies. Prince Charming is a dream.

I can be said to be one of the most romantically inexperienced girls on Earth. Boys are nothing more than friends to me. Sometime's when I'm with my friends (the girls) I'll talk about how cute a boy is. Sometimes, I would secretly think to myself how cute one of my friend's is (boy). Despite this, I've never had a crush. I used to crush on Nick Jonas once. I loved to imagine what he
is like.

Then it hit me. I wasn't crushing on Nick Jonas. I was crushing on someone who looked like him! How could I kow what Nick Jonas is like? yeah, he seems very sincere, but what would he think about me? I'm not the most attractive person and there is a one in a million, no a billion chance of my meeting him.

It was then that I created Prince Charming. As creative as I may be in conjuring up different situations where he would be with me, I was not so amazing at coming up with his looks. It didn't matter to me if he was hot or not (though I wouldn't mind it if he was), so I started using living people as my prince Charming. It only looked like them, in reality, it was Prince Charming. Sometimes Nick, sometimes Robert Pattinson (Yes, I am also addicted to Twilight). Once I even used one of my friend's as Prince Charming. Of course, all of this happens in the privacy of my mind, and this is the first time that I have created written proof of it.

This is all in my imagination, but I am still waiting for my Prince Charming. One day, I know I'll meet him.
(N.B.: In case anyone here knows Nick Jonas or Robert Pattinson, guys, especially Nick, I'm sorry if I insulted you, I still love both of you though <3)

The author's comments:
This is one of my darkest secrets and I wanted to get rid of it.

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on Dec. 15 2009 at 10:27 am
I feel the same way.I have my own Prince Charming but i write about him in books,where he falls in love with this very beautiful girl(she's what i WISH i could look like.)But i know your feeling.Trust me.

It was very nice,your story.5 stars.


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