That's Not What It Means

November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

When I was seven-years-old, I didn’t know the meaning of my name. I figured I’d ask my brother thinking…he’s five years older and my best friend, he’ll tell me what it means. I was wrong. He told me it meant bald and my mom named me it because I was born with no hair.
It was my eighth birthday and my mom was throwing me a Barbie themed birthday party. She wrapped the pictures in Barbie wrapping paper and set up Barbie and Ken dolls all around the kitchen. We ate dinner, had some cake, then came the presents. After opening my presents, my brother reminded me of my name to be a jerk, so I was still curious as to why my mom had named me a name with such a horrible meaning. I asked her, “Why’d you name the name you did because I was bald?” She looked at my brother, who immediately started laughing and left the room. Then she looked back at me and said, with a big smile on her face, “Sarah doesn’t mean bald; it means princess. And I named you that because you’re my little princess.”
A name is given to show individuality and is human nature. People are a part of everyone’s atmosphere, so each person needs a name. I don’t fit or live up to the meaning of my name, but I am definitely treated like one by my mom. A name meaning independent or energetic would be more of a fit for me, but I am content with my name. Sometimes by looking at people you can say they “look like” their name, well I have been told many times I “look like” a Sarah and they couldn’t picture me as anything else.

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