For Robby

November 2, 2009
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Yes. I say that I knew him.
Because you didn't "know" Robby Jerovsek like you knew other people. He wasn't my best friend, my confidant, or even my neighbor. But he was a Laker. And beyond even that he was "that kid". The kid everyone liked. The kind of kid that opened doors , and smiled, and waved, and devoted his full attention to the "now" instead of the tommorow. He goofed off, he didn't get embarassed. From first glance he was just another teenager. But with a closer look you could see that he was beyond "just Another". He was a friend, a neighbor, a brother, he was a Spring Lake Laker. A true gem. Some say that Robby died when the boat crashed. I say he still lives. In every classroom, on every golf course, on every t-shirt and every bracelet, in the very water of Spring Lake, and above all, in the hearts of all those who ever got the priveledge of taking a closer look.

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