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October 7, 2009
By nick miller BRONZE, Pc, Utah
nick miller BRONZE, Pc, Utah
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Last week, I had an embarrassing moment when I went to mow my mom’s friend’s lawn. When I went to mow the lawn, I noticed that the lawn was very long and wet. My dad told me the right way to mow the lawn but when he left I decided to mow the lawn my way.
When I went to knock on my mom’s friend’s door, no one answered, so I tried a couple more times, I decided that no one was home, so I took the weed whacker that I brought and went to work.

The weed whacker had wire in it that cuts the weeds, and it started not to come out of the weed whacker, so when I took it apart, I saw that the wire was all tanged, I could not fix it.

My mom’s friend whom I thought was not home came out side and opened the garage and got out the mower. When I started to mow the lawn, it was fine, but then very soon afterwards, the lawn mower started to not work as well, then the mower started to sound like it was going to turn off, and it did.

When my dad came back, he noticed that the lawn was not even close to being finished, and he also saw that the multcher on the mower was not working right. It had been dropping all the cut grass off each time I turned the mower around.

Then my dad made me mow the lawn completely over, and when I was done, I had mowed the lawn twice.

That part was not very embarrassing, but when I got home, my dad told every one he saw about my “learning experience”. That is what made it so embarrassing. He told my grandma, my uncle, my aunt, and my grandpa.

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it was embarrasing

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