Crashing On A Snow Machine

October 5, 2009
By Jesslyn<3 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Jesslyn<3 BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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One sunny, warm, winter day, Cing, Kaci, and I felt like going snow machining, so we all headed over to Kaci’s house to get ready. Jerek and James called us and decided to come snow machining, so we got ready to go while the boys were on their way over. Kaci and Cing got hungry so they were eating. I felt like I was near the sun, sitting on the couch waiting for them to get done eating. Once they were done eating, we were all sweating from just standing there, so we put on our shoes and went outside to the the snow machine.

We were starting up the snow machine right when Jerek and James showed up. After a couple of tries, we got it to start. The boys started up their snow machine and we took off towards the post office, just riding around.

We started heading back towards Dull Lake and we were going over pipes, which had a bridge, so snowmachiners can get over. Anyways, Jerek and James jumped it perfectly. Kaci, Cing, and I were on one snow machine going 50mph heading towards the bridge like jump. We hit the jump and it felt like we were 50 feet in the air and we landed it perfectly, but unfortunately we didn’t land on the snow machine.

We landed halfway on it, then fell off while it was still landing. I fell off first, Kaci lands not too far in front of me, then Cing flew over both of us, and as she landed and as I sat up I saw the snow machine going infront of Cing with no one on it.

I look towards the right to see Jerek and James coming towards us cracking up so hard. So hard they both almost fall off of their snow machine. Kaci, Cing, and I tried to stand up, and as we do we fall to the ground laughing our heads off and feeling really stupid.

After I stood up, we took off our helmets and we all had huge headaches that lasted for about 10 minutes, but started to hurt again because we crashed again about 15 minutes later.

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