Batman, an Archetypal Hero

November 12, 2009
He roams the dark of night, he instills fear in those who dare do evil within his city of Gotham and this is my paper on how Batman is an archetypal hero.

To begin, his strange circumstances of birth were that he was born into a rich family. He had to leave his ‘land’ when his parents died, he went and lived with monks, they taught him invaluable skills to help protect himself. The traumatic event that he encountered had to deal with his parents’ death and when he toppled into a bat cave when he was young.

The special weapon he possesses is his vast amounts of money which he earns from his company Wayne Industries. The supernatural help he gets is from his Butler Alfred, who helped Bruce many times throughout his life. Bruce has to face many challenges throughout his career as Batman, like stopping all the bad guys from doing harm within Gotham.

Bruce’s descent into ‘hell’ begins with his parents’ murder as a young boy. The un-healable that befell Bruce was his past, filled with many struggles, battles and pain. When he finally gains atonement with his father, Bruce has stopped the joker. It is atonement because in the movies the mugger later turns into the joker and in the comics the muggers name is Joe Chill.

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rednecklife3214 said...
Apr. 1, 2016 at 1:16 pm
yes it could use a bit more details but over all its a well layed out story
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