The game of high school

May 16, 2008
By Christina Haidemenos, Hartland, WI

You’ll find the sluts, geeks and jocks at any high school,
Everyone is just trying to fit in and be cool.
There’s no one that really wants to be here,
But we must get through it, to pass senior year.

Rumors, stories and lies are always told,
Somehow the drama never gets old.
It only takes one person to say one word,
Then around the school the story is heard.

Each day at lunch you sit in the same place,
You never socialize with an unfamiliar face.
It’s the same people that you’ll always befriend,
The cliques in high school could never blend.

The football players, big and buff,
They wear their jerseys and think they look tough.
They walk through the halls, they’re so cool,
They think that they rule the school.

The sluts think that they have all the power,
They fix their makeup after every hour.
They wear mini-skirts in 50 degrees below,
They are dressed in designer clothes from head to toe

The geeks walk around with a huge stack of books,
Everyone around them shoots them looks.
They really don’t care about how they dress,
They roll out of bed and come to school looking like a mess.

It’s all about who you know, and what you do,
To yourself, it’s hard to be true.
Some would do anything, just to fit in,
It’s the game of high school, can anybody win?

Luckily there’s only four years
Try to get through it without tears
In the end, it taught you a skill
The game of high school, what a thrill.

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